History of Calvary United Community Church

History of Calvary United Community Church

Calvary United Community Church is a dynamic Bible-believing church which upholds holiness within and without, as the absolute gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Pastor Bidwell Mendy started ministering the Word of God to various villages of the Gambia while still a student at school. After 15 years of such ministerial service with the Church of Pentecost, and planting more than 5 churches and fellowships, he travelled to Ghana for Theological Studies in 1992. Upon his return to Gambia, he was ordained as a Pastor of Church of Pentecost.

On 16th February 2002 Pastor Bidwell Mendy started an indigenous-based ministry with a goal to “reach the unreached” in his own home country, The Gambia, in the local languages.

After hearing God speak to him through Acts 4:32, Pastor Mendy┬ástarted out with singleness of purpose to use his vast experience to concentrate on ministering of God’s love amongst the Gambian populace, the majority of whom are Muslims!

Since 2002, the atmosphere in The Gambia has not been the same. Many, including Muslims have been converted and given their lives to Christ.

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  1. Brent Nall - October 3, 2017 05:53

    Greetings, sir! I am from the US and have been supporting a young man claiming to be a member of your church. He says that he uses a bible that is just the Old Testament. Could that really be possible?


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